Posted by: Ed Becker | June 1, 2008

BitNBytes4Biz Blog – Why?

HELLO and WELCOME!  You have found my Web-Log and I am glad you are here.  The purpose of launching this BLOG is to further extend my service and BeckITSystems’ contribution to people through technology solutions.  My company, BeckITSystems, is a technology service provider to organizations.  The reason we exist is to serve people through technology solutions so that owners and executives can be free to work ON their business and not work IN their business.  By working on a business, the business grows and achieves its goals.  By achieving its goals, the economy of the USA and the world benefit! 

So that’s it!  That’s the simple version of why the blog and why BeckITSystems was founded 10 years ago.  You can learn more about me and BeckITSystems, Inc. on my LInkedIn site and our company web site.

Your comments, input, suggestions, and insights are always welcome!  Spam is not welcome.  As we develop the blog we will discuss issues of interest to business, industry, and people as it relates to technology-even things not commonly recognized as important to business.  Some topics I can see on the horizon are

  1. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery-Hurricane season started today!
  2. New and emerging technology reviews and discussions
  3. Increasing productivity and efficiency through effective use of the technology already on your desk
  4. Practical use of technology to solve business problems and promote success-More or newer is NOT always better!
  5. What else can you suggest?

I hope you will come back here often, subscribe to the RSS feed, provide me with your comments, criticisms, and recommendations, and together, create a blog that will help small and mid-sized businesses succeed through the smart application of technology!


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