Posted by: Ed Becker | July 25, 2008

Telework – Part 2

So we’ve taken a vacation and I hope it’s a good summer for you as well as we continue our exploring telework rethinking the first step is to create something that will actually complement the workflow of your business.


The first step to mistake is to create policies and identify jobs within the organization that lend themselves to telework in me and the success or failure to her telework program will depend upon these policies.


Working closely with your HR director or a consultant, develop a skeleton of policies and procedures for your new program.  You will need to create policies upon which the success or failure to telework program will depend:


·      Who will be eligible for telework? 

·      How will the Teleworking employee being evaluated?. 

·      What is the measure of the work performed and how often will the teleworkers be in the office?

·      Will telework take place at the home office or a regional commercial telework center? 

·      Who will pay for the home office? 

·      Who will provide telephone service?

·      The fax equipment and fax lines?

·      And much more…


There are many policies, and many things that need to be considered before launching a telework initiative.


We created telework policies that are satisfactory, it will be time to identifying a small group of employees, who will form your pilot test for.  It will be important to work closely with them to develop and further refine the measures and policies of your telework program.  Develop a regular an open lin ae of communication with each member of the pilot telework team.  The pilot program should run six to nine months.  You will know the right time to expand the program based on the outcome of the pilot.


In the next blog we’ll take a look at the technical infrastructure necessary to support your remote workers.


  More information is available at  I recommend you check it out! 


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