Posted by: Ed Becker | July 30, 2008

Telework Part 3 – Infrastructure to Support Remote Workers

If employees will work from a remote location, it needs to be equipped as an extension of the corporate offices.  There will need to be technology and services that make the remote office seamlessly integrate into the corporate structure.


Important things like receiving and sending e-mail from the corporate domain transferring phone calls and providing technical and business support to the remote employee are essential for success.


It is also important to consider security issues. Sensitive corporate data should not escape the corporate control through a remote office.


There many ways to do this.


Some of the technologies include VOIP, VPN, SSL and a bunch more alphabet soup.  Your IT department or technology advisor can provide the most effective technology once you have a clear picture of how the remote offices will operate.  It will be important to select technology and tools that are cost-effective and easy to use.  In addition, the technology cannot be selected without significant consideration for how it will enable the remote employee to fully integrate the workflow of the company and access applications files and other team members.  Many organizations are successful, with teleconferencing technical collaboration tools like Microsoft Share Point Portal and remote desktop access to corporate resources (RDP).


In many cases, organizations will find that they already own the technology necessary to implement much of this and it only needs to be licensed or just turned on.  Be sure to consult with experts who have successfully performed a telework program startup and with your technology team or a consultant.


Additional information is available at  I highly recommend this site.




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