Posted by: Ed Becker | July 30, 2008

Telework – Part 4: Measurements

A key ingredient to a successful telework program is measurement. Before you started to implement your program, you probably set some benchmarks and measurements for success of your telework initiative.  At least monthly, it will be time to take those measurements and evaluate how the program is working compared to your expectations.


Most organizations which have diligently pursued telework programs are successful by following these minimal guidelines.  Flexible work arrangements are best for employees who are very responsible, reliable and have a good performance history with the organization.  It will also be important to have employees assigned to telework who are capable of working alone and being self-directed.  When telework is initiated in the organization, it will be important to communicate that everyone will NOT be eligible or selected for Teleworking arrangements.  Some jobs simply are not conducive to working away from the office.  Some employees may not be able to work on their own.


Once policies are in place with all needed enabling technology implemented, it will be important that the performance measurements also be in place.  Measurements must be agreed to mutually by management and employees before beginning a telework assignment.  The usual means of clearly stating the Telework measurements is in the form of a telework contract.  Measurements need to be as objective as possible.  Clear measurements allow the employee and manager to know the expectations and the results when objectives are met and when they are not met.


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