Posted by: Ed Becker | August 1, 2008

Telework – Part 5 – Collaboration

There are many collaboration tools available today.  It is always best to begin with simple and inexpensive ones adding complexity as needed to meet emerging requirements.  I am providing a list of some basic applications.  Many of these are delivered and installed with Teleworking tools included — you simply need to know they are there for you.


Microsoft windows XP has RDP built into it.  Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the technology built into each PC allowing secure remote access to corporate computing resources.


Microsoft exchange is the e-mail application with which most people are familiar.  Many people however, are not aware that Microsoft Exchange also has OWA.  Outlook Web Access (OWA) is built into Exchange and can be enabled through your current e-mail servers to allow access to contacts, tasks, calendars and e-mail.  This access can be provided securely on the Internet.  The technology involved here is very much like online secure banking.  In order to properly control corporate data is not recommended to use any of the free or public e-mails on the Internet.  They should be strictly for personal use.


At the desktop, many people use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve and read their mail keep their calendars and other organizational activities.  Many people are not aware, however, that Outlook also has the ability to provide folders into which documents can be placed checked out and returned.  This may be useful for performing daily work.


Microsoft Office 2007 provides a client for Microsoft Share Point Portal .  Share Point is powerful collaboration and document management tool.  It is often also used as an intranet and can be a very effective document management tool.


Microsoft also provides Microsoft Communicator and Microsoft Meeting for instant messaging, group meeting activities and collaboration. 


If these tools have been explored and found lacking it may be time to move on to more expensive, more elaborate and more specialized tools.


I highly recommend website for additional information and resources.  Other sites that will provide information are and


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