Posted by: Ed Becker | March 11, 2009

Web workers’ tool #3

Collaboration is increasingly important in today’s work world especially when the work force includes geographically dispersed team members. Just because you are not at the office does not mean you’re not able to pass documents back and forth. Your company could invest in something like Microsoft share point server, an excellent collaboration tool. Share Point Server makes it easy to pass documents and collaborate on projects.

Smaller offices made need a simpler and cheaper way to accomplish this goal. This is where the web worker will find Google documents very useful. Don’t be confused, Google documents like the power of Microsoft Office but it is simple to use and allows for collaboration at low expense. Sharing documents is as easy as clicking the share tab and then you can invite people to collaborate or view your work. Google documents even from its creation of an RSS feed so that you can see changes as they happen. The sharing works not only for wordprocessing documents but also spreadsheets and presentations. Everything you create in Google documents can be imported into Microsoft Office products to

You can get acquainted with Google documents at   . Happy by working!


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