Posted by: Ed Becker | March 25, 2009

Are You Ready for April Fools on your Computers?

Last October the Conficker virus created many issues across the world. A malicious virus that could attack computers and servers on April Fool’s Day is no laughing matter to the millions of people who could be affected.
Named ConfickerC, this brand-new and highly sophisticated computer virus silently installs from unreliable websites and infected downloads, usually email attachments. The virus exploits portions of the Microsoft Windows operating system and is thought to hide on a hard drive until April 1 when it may awaken and begin execution of new instructions from its creators.
Despite the release and application of a fix for the original Conficker virus in October 2008, Conficker C is the third variant representing a virus that no one knows for certain what it does or what it intends to do. This may be the world’s biggest April fool’s joke, or it may potentially take over your computer and steal all your personal data.

Be sure to protect your computer now with updating your anti-virus definitions not less than every 4 hours, and applying all of your Windows updates. The best protection is proactive activity NOW!

To download the Windows patch, click on the following link:


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