Posted by: Ed Becker | March 31, 2009

Web worker tools #4 – Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing provides the Web worker with the ability to attend a meeting while still being a web worker.  Attening impromptu and scheduled meetings while out of the office is possible  using the right videoconferencing tool. It is not necessary to drop everything and drive to the office to attend a meeting with services like Windows messenger, Skype, MSN messenger and others. Of all the choices for videoconferencing there is one that stands out among all the rest called ooVoo. 

One  computer with an Internet camera is called a node. Up to three notes can connect on ooVoo at no cost. Enlarging the number of nodes to six cost a minimal $10 per month. The services provices unlimited hours  of videoconference per month and a web worker can send unlimited video messages to recipients who can access the messages online without the need for special software. ooVoo  will also provide the phone option allowing a Windows computer to call any phone or cell phone for five dollars more per month.

ooVoo doesn’t seem to have the same performance problems that other Internet services experience because it combines point-to-point connections with connections through its own servers.

You can see more about ooVoo on the Internet at  Another service that is gaining ground in this arena is SKYPE.  Check it out at



  1. I gotta say that video conferencing is very useful especially in business industry because sometimes business people had to travel to different locations around the world in order to sign their business agreements through this technology they do not have to leave their offices, it make it possible for them to connect with their partners worldwide.

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