Posted by: Ed Becker | April 1, 2009

Web-Workers Tools #5 – IM for Business

We think of instant messaging we often consider it a toy used by very social teens. There is a strong case for instant messaging and business, especially for the web worker.

The real-time benefits of IM are clear to anyone who has ever used an instant message client. Because of its real-time communication capabilities is also real timesaver, and offers the advantage of maintaining an archive of your conversations.

The biggest drawback of instant messaging is found in the fact that they do not share with each other. That is, MSN messenger can not communicate directly with AOL Instant Messenger and so forth. With that drawback becomes clear that the web worker needs an instant messaging client capable of talking to many instant message services.

One service that stands out among all of the instant messaging client that can talk to multiple services An account on meebo will allow you to concurrently log into your Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, and MSN accounts for cross-platform conversations. A Meebo chat room can be public or private. By creating a password-protected room you can privately chat with your coworkers.

There are a number of cross-platform instant messaging clients today. A search of reveals Trillian posted in November 2008 with nearly 38,000,000 downloads; Pidgin posted in January 2009 with 500,000 downloads; and Digspy posted in December 2008 with 240,000 downloads. A Google search will likely more options for you.

Instant messaging can be like having a telephone always off the hook always connected to your coworkers and always ready for instant communications. Give it a try!


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