Posted by: Ed Becker | April 3, 2009

Web-Worker Tools #6 – Kick the Spreadsheet Addiction!

Today’s Web worker tool is for all of the spreadsheet addicts working outside of your office. There is a better way is on the Internet. For longtime programs that use relational databases have been out of the reach of ordinary mortals. Not anymore. Since 1999 Intuit has provided an increasingly attractive and online application that is relatively easy to use and is called QuickBase.

I belong to an international peer group that uses QuickBase for benchmarking. It is a proven effective, accurate and ubiquitous application for the people. Putting databases online ensure security, remote access, and, for your supervisor, direct insight into your work and its outcome. QuickBbase licenses for 10 users and up and costs about $250 per month. This is competitive with other similar services on the Internet.

QuickBase is powerful enough to store and process data for billing, CRM, HR, vacation calendaring, time and attendance reporting, project management and other serious business activities. Anyone in the organization can create a database from scratch and Intit  provides standard templates that you can select for a rapid start. Once the database is created is very easy to add users and notify them of their access through e-mail. Users can have various roles so that people can edit or not; view only; or have total control. In addition, users can generate their own customized reports from the data. While there are many other options on the Internet,I highly recommend Intuits QuickBase.

You can see for yourself by clicking on the link and touring the site. I think you will be favorably impressed with the diversity of applications available from the templates as well as the accomplishments of many companies that implemented QuickBase for their own purposes.  Check it out!


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