Posted by: Ed Becker | April 5, 2009

Web-Workers Tools #7 – On-Line Audio Conferencing Tool

The last Web worker tool introduced a cross-platform instant messaging tool. While instant messaging is an excellent tool for short and quick communication, their are times when the full-blown meeting is needed. Most of the time meetings are about face-to-face interaction on a focused topic. In many meetings you are not looking at people so much as presentations, whiteboards, outlines and other materials. There are excellent tools on the Internet that provide the opportunity for face-to-face meetings virtual in. These tools are more dense than ever.

One of the best online conferencing tools is dimdim. Eminem is easy, has no software, and is free for up to 20 people. For a reasonable annual fee a full set of features are available for a large number of people to participate. 

With a paid subscription to the full feature set,  all attendees can simultaneously annotate a presentation, mark up a whiteboard, send instant messages and broadcast their audio and video.   Hosts can enable any attendee to take control of the meeting to share their PowerPoints, PDFs, whiteboards, even share their desktops.  And best of all Dimdim  links, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

As a business continuity and disaster recovery tool, dim dim offers organizations the ability to meet together. Even when the members are geographically dispersed.

While it is not necessary to download software to use the service, there is downloadable open source software and open source APIs available on the website which allow customization.

When the office needs to share something with you or vice versa a sales meeting with the team who is not together is required, or just an all hands meeting without requiring travel — Dimdim is the way to go.

 You can learn more about it on the Internet at the dim dim sight. That follows:


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