Posted by: Ed Becker | April 6, 2009

Web Worker Tools #8 — Scheduling Meetings

An important part of business continuity and Web worker strategies is the ability to communicate, work together, and coordinate meetings. When the organization’s team is geographically dispersed, especially in the case of working from home, out of necessity due to emergency, the ordinary activity of organizing the team, scheduling meetings, and doing all of this across diverse computing platforms available from the members home can be difficult.

A simple thing like scheduling meetings can become very difficult when the team is working from home or other dispersed locations. We usually think of sending an invitation in Outlook and accepting it for the meeting to be added to the schedule and the Outlook calendar. In a Web worker environment, other scheduling applications may be included. There is an excellent web tool that is able to coordinate meetings with many platforms as long as you have the attendees e-mail address.

With TimeBridge, the meeting attendees will receive an e-mail message with the options for a meeting time. Invitees don’t need a  TimeBridge account to reply.  As the meeting organizer you will receive a response from each invitation. Once the meeting is set ,everyone on your list will receive an e-mail confirmation with links to import the meeting information, and the appointment into their calendar, weatherthat  is Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal or some other application.

All the details can be found at .   TimeBridge ridge provides convenience, cross-platform functionality, and a shared calendar– all for FREE!


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