Posted by: Ed Becker | April 9, 2009

Web Worker Tools #9 — Conference Calling

When you need to have a conference call, Calliflower combines some of the features of time bridge to set up a meeting with the features needed to have a conference call. Basic features are free with the numbers to call or not toll-free. When collaboration tools and presentation capability is included.

If you have VoIP, for instance Skype, you can integrate it with Calliflower in place of the standard phone and avoid long-distance charges. Service works with any phone. When you call the number, enter a 10, and begin talking. The call manager can record the call in MP3 format, and even mute lines so that only one speaker can be heard, or open them so that questions can be fielded or discussion take place. Won’t your manager be impressed when you show him or her how you can schedule your own conference calls from your home office?

Whether you choose the premium or free versions, Calliflower is great value. The free option lets you host conference calls, manage conference call invitations, send reminders via email or SMS, record conference calls and more. You won’t pay a dime, but you will pay long distance service for the toll costs of reaching the Calliflower facility in Minnesota, USA.

If you may need to share documents or presentations in real time, or want to have local call in numbers (now available in 18 countries)., you will  need to upgrade to the Premium version.  The Calliflower Premium is the best solution for a full feature set. Calliflower Premium comes with all of the features of thefree version, plus document sharing, local call-in numbers, multiple organizer accounts, and the ability to delegate organization of the call to a third party.  And at $50 per month for unlimited usage, Calliflower Premium is still less money than virtually every other conference calling and webinar solution available today. 

If you’re a moderate to heavy conference call user — making several calls per week — or you need the document sharing features of Calliflower Premium, or it’s important to you to have international attendance on your calls, then you’ll want to choose Calliflower Premium.  For light conference call users, the free option is the best choice.


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