Posted by: Ed Becker | December 10, 2009

Sgt. Daniel Thornhill – We can all help this Patriot

This Christmas we can give back to someone

who needs our encouragement!!!

Sgt. Daniel Thornhill was seriously injured in Afghanistan two years agoby a suicide bomber.  He lost both legs, is paralyzed from the waist down and suffered severe burns on his hands, arms and body.   According to one report,  Sgt. Thornhill says, “They can possibly take my life but they can’t take what I stand for or what I believe in… and that’s one thing that hasn’t faltered or hasn’t wavered.”

See  an article about Sgt. Thornhill by clicking  here.

His parents are asking for help. No financial help but they would like to help brighten his upcoming birthday. They are asking that people just send their son a card for his birthday.   This young man has sacrificed a lot for our country and it would be great if everyone reading this could join in and send him a card. His birthday is next week.

Please help and please pass the word. This is a real simple way to give back to someone who has given so much for the American people. His address is below. Thank you.

Mailing address:
Sgt. Daniel Thornhill
Fort Sam Houston Fisher House
3623 George C. Beach Rd
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234

Your cards and letters will mean more than we can know to encourage this brave patriot as he recovers.  Merry Christmas to everyone!



  1. I am so humbled to think of the love this young man has for freedom and safety throughout the world, I just want to say thank you to him, I am saddened by what he has lost, but my heart leaps for joy and tears form in my eyes when I consider what it has cost Daniel, just so that we can all be free.
    Thank you Daniel for what you have done, by giving with love and making a difference in a sad and sometimes selfish world.
    Happy Christmas from the land downunder (Australia).
    I stand in awe of you and cannot begin to think how you must feel sometimes, please know that I would like to offer you my friendship and grateful thanks. I hope that you accept what I give.
    May God Bless and Heal you.
    Stephen Eames

  2. Daniel: God Bless you in your trials with your injuries. You surely are the bravest man I’ve heard of in recent months!!

    Season’s greetings to you and all your loved ones and thank you for your service to our country.

    I have a goal for you: Get well, come out of Fisher House and continue to be a MORE than positive influence to those in the service and your loved ones around you!!

    E-5; Sgt.

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